Payless Timbers, the Good Wood People, has over 20 years in the timber trade and offers the right product at the right price. We'd love to be of assistance with your project, big or small. Expect nothing but our best, it's the least we can do.

Payless Timbers, based in Tolga in the beautiful Cairns area, is owned and operated by Jeff and Cindy Macdonald.

As expatriate Americans, we had moved to the Tablelands from the mid-west United States in 1984, looking for adventure and whatever came our way.

After four years of running a successful gift shop, we sold the company and started looking for another business opportunity.
During this time, World Heritage listings of local forests resulted in many traditional sawmills needing to close down. It's here that we saw an opportunity to satisfy the area's demand for sustainably harvested and plantation timber.


Payless Timbers was established in 1989 and has continuously satisfied the demand ever since.

After almost a quarter of a century of service, we are proud of what we have achieved. In this time we have supplied our sustainable timber products to educational and health facilities, local, state and federal government buildings including Australian Embassies, indigenous and Torres Strait communities, specialty shops and retail developments, sporting clubs, military housing and movie productions - the list is endless.

Our clients range from mum and dad DIYers to developers and everyone in between.

It is our belief that timber is not only the most important building product on the planet, but it is also the best product for the environment.

Nothing else compares to timber's natural beauty and warmth.

Timber is recyclable, renewable, and sustainable. All of our timber products come from plantations or are sustainably harvested to ensure the future of our forests for our children.
Timber – The Natural Choice.