Payless Timbers always carries a complete range of high quality structural timbers including hardwood, treated pine, oregon, cypress pine and structural plywood.




Hardwood - Mixed Species


Grades - F14, F17, F22

Lengths - .9m to 7.2m
  • 38mm x 38mm
  • 50mm x 25mm
  • 50mm x 50mm
  • 75mm x 25mm
  • 75mm x 38mm
  • 100mm x 25mm
  • 100mm x 38mm
  • 100mm x 75mm
  • 100mm x 100mm
  • 125mm x 50mm
  • 125mm x 75mm
  • 125mm x 125mm
  • 150mm x 25mm
  • 150mm x 50mm
  • 150mm x 75mm
  • 150mm x 150mm
  • 175mm x 25mm
  • 175mm x 50mm
  • 175mm x 75mm
  • 175mm x 175mm
  • 200mm x 25mm
  • 200mm x 50mm
  • 200mm x 75mm
  • 200mm x 200mm
Dressed All Round (DAR)
  • 68mm x 19mm
  • 68mm x 31mm
  • 68mm x 42mm
  • 90mm x 19mm
  • 90mm x 31mm
  • 90mm x 42mm
  • 90mm x 70mm
  • 90mm x 90mm
  • 116mm x 31mm
  • 116mm x 42mm
  • 116mm x 70mm
  • 140mm x 19mm
  • 140mm x 31mm
  • 140mm x 42mm
  • 140mm x 70mm
  • 140mm x 140mm
  • 170mm x 19mm
  • 170mm x 31mm
  • 170mm x 42mm
  • 170mm x 70mm
  • 190mm x 19mm
  • 190mm x 31mm
  • 190mm x 42mm
  • 190mm x 70mm



Treated Pine - CCA, ACQ, LOSP


Grade - F7

Lengths - 1.8m to 6.0m
  • 70mm x 35mm
  • 70mm x 45mm
  • 90mm x 35mm
  • 90mm x 45mm
  • 90mm x 90mm
  • 140mm x 35mm
  • 140mm x 45mm
  • 190mm x 45mm
  • 240mm x 45mm
  • 290mm x 45mm


We also offer a wide range of structural oregon and cypress ranging from 75mm up to 300mm wide, 25mm up to 150mm thick, and anywhere from 1.8m long to 6.0m long.